Immune Health

Naturopathic “Cold & Flu Clinic” 

Available annually, this homeopathic & herbal immune booster can be used to help protect you and your family against colds and flus throughout the winter months. It is safe for seniors and children and is taken by mouth, not through an injection. Although October is the most popular month for immune boosting, the “Cold & Flu Clinic” is available year round. You will also receive information on lifestyle and nutritional techniques for cold & flu prevention.

Childhood Wellness Consults

Although Ontario N.D.’s can’t discuss or make recommendations about vaccines, it doesn’t stop people from asking about them! What Dr. Wallace can discuss is your child’s individual health status and risk factors for various infectious diseases. During a special one hour consult, you will also discuss nutritional and naturopathic supports to maximize efficacy and minimize side effects from routine immunizations. This will help you feel confident that you have all the tools to keep your child as healthy as possible.

**Vaccinations are not a part of the scope of practice of Naturopathic Doctors in Ontario. This means that N.D.’s in Ontario do not administer vaccines, nor do they make recommendations regarding vaccinations.**